Give Your Pigs the Best Nutrition Possible
We offer a variety of swine feeds and supplements that contain the highest-quality ingredients. So you can find what’s best for your swine and achieve your goals.



The UltraCare® feeding program has been developed, researched and supported by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC to cover the demanding nutritional needs of young pigs while providing proprietary technologies to create eaters, aid hydration, support feed intake, early gain and immunity.

EcoCare® Feeds

The EcoCare® Feeds program is an environmentally friendly feeding program that helps ensure constant and optimum levels of key nutritional compounds and added technologies, across all phases of grow/finish production. It delivers manure technologies that can help reduce ammonia/odors and improve manure solids digestion, while providing optimal pig performance.

Gentle Lax® Pak Laxative

Gentle Lax® Pak is a combination of natural laxative ingredients for gilts, sows and boars, engineered to be palatable with a gentle, natural stool-softening action.

Healthy EDGE® Technology

Healthy EDGE® Technology is a novel blend of functional ingredients designed to support sows immunocompetence and litter performance. Healthy EDGE® Technology has been designed to be feed continuously in gestation and lactation rations, to deliver up to 1.7 extra Full Value Pigs™ per sow per year.

Nature’s Match® Feed

Nature’s Match® feed is a precisely formulated feed line with high-quality ingredients including plant-sourced protein, botanicals, probiotics plus vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients to optimize pig performance. This high-quality, affordable feed program addresses manure management, odor emissions and nutrient utilization, while optimizing pig and sow performance.


NEWtraStart™ Feed

NEWtraStart® feed is a blend of natural plant-based feed ingredients, such as herbs, spice extracts and encapsulated essential oils designed to stimulate feed intake, enhance nutrient digestion and retention, plus optimize gut balance in all life stages (nursery, grow-finish pigs and sows).


PUSH® Sow Feed

PUSH® sow feed is a unique combination of nutritional technologies that, when fed to sows pre-farrow through weaning, have shown to increase the number of pigs weaned and may result in heavier pigs at weaning. These combined improvements increase total litter weaning weight.

True Appetizer® Feed

True Appetizer® Feed is a proprietary combination of functional ingredients engineered to be highly palatable to sows resulting in significant feed intake, particularly in hot weather.