Milwaukee Tools


Builders, plumbers, electricians, and hobbyists all trust Milwaukee® tools for heavy-duty performance. The brand built its reputation for reliable quality over the greater part of a century. After 85 years, it's easy to see why so many people choose Milwaukee. Whether you plan to build a full collection of Milwaukee power tools or need a few additional accessories for your existing toolbox, find everything you could want for your next project right here.

Milwaukee corded power tools earned a reputation for high powered functionality at professional jobs sites. Professional tradesmen trust Milwaukee tools for sawing, drilling and grinding at build sites and use extension cords and generators to keep everything moving. Milwaukee cordless tools came later, and now appear frequently across a variety of disciplines. Some electrical and plumbing work requires access to crawl spaces, and the freedom of a battery-powered tool offers greater access to a wider range of environments.

Both corded and cordless versions offer an array of vital functions, and you can find Milwaukee hand tools storage options to keep everything organized. Just look for options that allow you the ability to transport everything to the places you work most frequently. With the right storage containers, all of your Milwaukee power tool accessories fit right in. Store the drill bits in one compartment, and extra batteries — with a charger — beneath your most frequently used tools.

Loyal fans may enjoy Milwaukee apparel, which show off their commitment to heavy-duty performance. Paired with these trusted power tool sets and accessories, there's no reason to hide an affinity for the brand. Choose the tools that fit your needs based on their power, performance, and function. There are options for builders, electricians, plumbers and home repair experts. Find out for yourself why so many professionals trust Milwaukee.